Choose Your Denture Style From These Four Options

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Perhaps the most traditional and well-known option for tooth replacement is dentures. In the past, dentures have been full, removable appliances, but dental advancements now allow you more choices, and we are pleased to offer the following four options at our office:

– Conventional full dentures: These are the traditional denture appliance most patients think of. Dr. Tyjuan Williams must first extract any remaining teeth and let the surrounding gum tissue heal, but while it may be some months before you can once again enjoy a full set of teeth, your dentures will fit your new jaw shape without needing to be relined.

– Immediate full dentures: Our dentist can place these dentures right after any remaining teeth are removed so that you can leave the dental office with a full smile. However, please keep in mind your jaw will change after tooth loss and in a few months, you will need to return to have your dentures relined.

– Partial dentures: If only a few teeth need to be replaced, we can place dentures on a metal frame that has been attached to your neighboring natural teeth.

– Implant-retained dentures: First, dental implants are placed in the jaw to secure your dentures in place and mimic the strength and appearance of natural teeth.

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