Dental Restorations: Treatments for Gingivitis

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When addressing your oral health care, it is important to figure out the risk factors present and what you can do to keep your smile safe. In several instances, you may find yourself struggling with oral health conditions that are not easily found if you aren’t visiting your doctor for your routine checkups. One of the earliest conditions and indications of gum disease arises in what is known as gingivitis.

Gingivitis is one of the earliest stages of gum disease which indicates an infection with your gum tissue. To help prevent gingivitis, it is important to improve your oral hygiene tactics. If you are not brushing and flossing adequately or are not using tools that are safe and effective for use, plaque buildup and bacteria can slip through the cracks, and you could end up slowly causing the risk for gum infection to occur. If you’re struggling with additional brushing or flossing tools, try switching to electric toothbrushes and water flossers.

It is important to always look for the symptoms of gingivitis, so it can be treated as needed. If you notice any situations in which your gums look abnormal or irregular, it is important to look for other signs to determine if gingivitis is occurring. If you have excessive tenderness in your gums or your gums continually bleed after eating, brushing and flossing, it could be caused by gingivitis. Other common causes of gingivitis include diabetes, medications that are taken, genetic predispositions, and the presence of a pregnancy. Bad habits and smoking or chewing tobacco have also been shown to lead to gum tissue infections.

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