Unpacking Porcelain Veneers

Are the front of your teeth troubled with some sort of damage or abnormality? How about fixing the face of your teeth with porcelain veneers? Veneers are attractive, thin covers for your front teeth made of a tough ceramic material. They are very durable and hide any unsightly issues. A... Read more »

The Benefits of Composite Dental Fillings

Do you ever wonder why our dentist, Dr. Tyjuan Williams, offers composite dental fillings? If so, our dental team will be happy to tell you why! Composite dental fillings can benefit you and your smile in a myriad of ways. In fact, they can: -Restore your tooth’s health with a... Read more »

A Dental Bridge Can Help You Overcome Tooth Loss

If a severe oral problem such as gum disease, tooth decay, or oral injury has caused you to have one or more missing teeth, you could be a candidate for a dental bridge, which is an artificial tooth or teeth between two dental crowns that anchor the appliance on each... Read more »

Choose Your Denture Style From These Four Options

Perhaps the most traditional and well-known option for tooth replacement is dentures. In the past, dentures have been full, removable appliances, but dental advancements now allow you more choices, and we are pleased to offer the following four options at our office: - Conventional full dentures: These are the traditional... Read more »

Improve the Care of Your Smile with Tooth Hazard Warning Signs

  Never be afraid to improve your oral health by setting for effective tooth hazards prevention plans on a day-to-day basis. The more you do to keep your smile safe, the less likely you are to suffer tooth hazards in the future. Even if you're not doing so already, it... Read more »

A Tooth Suffering from a Missing Filling Might Need a Dental Crown Restoration

A small cavity or minor physical defect in a tooth can often be repaired with a dental filling made from metallic amalgam or composite resin. If the problem area was on the biting surface of a back tooth, Dr. Tyjuan Williams might recommend installing an inlay or onlay dental filling... Read more »

Quick Oral Hygiene Tricks

Do you want a top-notch smile and oral health? If so, you need to keep up on oral hygiene, visit your dentist (Dr. Tyjuan Williams) regularly, and have a healthy and balanced diet. Fortunately, there are also little things you can do to take good care of your teeth and... Read more »

Rinsing Your Mouth with Antiseptic Mouthwash Can Help Kill Bacteria

Food particles, sugar residue, and plaque buildup can threaten the health of your teeth and periodontal tissues in a variety of ways. The daily presence of plaque acids can gradually demineralize tooth enamel increasing your chances of suffering cavities on multiple teeth. At the same time bacterial deposits that harden... Read more »

When to Encourage Your Child to Protect Their Smile with a Mouthguard

Do you ever wonder if your child needs to wear a mouthguard? If so, the answer is most likely yes. If your child does anything that can harm the teeth, gums, and jaw, it’s best to have them protect their smile with a mouthguard. Our dentist, Dr. Tyjuan Williams, would... Read more »

Replacing Missing Teeth with a Dental Bridge

If you are missing teeth, you are at several disadvantages. Gaps in your smile will make you feel self-conscious about your appearance, in social and work situations. Additionally, missing teeth can make it difficult for you to speak and chew. The spaces left by your teeth provide places for bacteria... Read more »