How to Spot Bruxism

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Do you think you may have bruxism? Do you know what that means? Bruxism is a condition in which a person grinds and gnashes their teeth. While bruxism can certainly occur while a person is awake, bruxism usually classified as a sleep disorder.

As the main symptom of bruxism happens when the patient is sleeping, it often goes undetected. If you have a sleep partner or a roommate, ask them if they have ever noticed any cases you grind your teeth while asleep. As teeth grinding is a symptom of other disorders, it can also sometimes be misdiagnosed.

Another symptom to look for are the traces of grinding on your teeth and mouth. Do they appear flat or dull? Do the bottoms look uneven and worn? Do you have minor scarring on your inner cheeks or unusual depressions on your tongue? You may also notice an intensification in tooth sensitivity as well as jaw pain or soreness in the morning after you wake up.

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