The Oral Health Care Compendium to Sports Mouth Guards

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If you find yourself participating in high-risk activities or contact sports, the chances of oral accidents or injuries increase dramatically. In many situations, dental damage arises due to blunt trauma to your teeth and gums. If left unprotected, you run the risk of debilitating damage and tooth loss that can take years to correct.

Fortunately, dental tools exist to help protect your teeth and gums. One of the best forms of protection is via the use of mouth guards. A mouth guard is designed to fit over top your teeth to cushion the blow against damage they may receive. Just remember to always clean your mouth guards when not in use. In addition, never use mouth guards that are severely worn or those that are no longer conforming to your dental profile.

Varying size and style of mouth guards can be chosen. Typically, try to find those that are customizable, such as bite and boil mouth guards, as they adapt to your specific dental impression. However, if customizable mouth guards are not available, a standard one-size-fits-all mouthguard can be used in its stead.  Be sure to always wear a mouthguard, even if they are not the ones you want.

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