Toothpaste VS Mouthwash

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Have you ever put buying toothbrush or mouthwash on your to-do-list without really understanding which products might be the best option for your pearly whites? Have you stared at the whole aisle of brushes or mouthwash and not really understood why there are so many different choices? Would it surprise you to hear that there are actually several advantages and disadvantages to these options?

For example, when you are choosing a new toothbrush, you should try to find one that fits inside your mouth comfortably. If the head of your toothbrush is too large, you might not be able to clean your teeth very well—which can lead to cavities and decay. Also, please try to choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles. Brushing with bristles that are too hard could actually harm your teeth. Finally, there isn’t anything wrong with choosing an electric brush if the bristles are soft and the head fits well in your mouth.

There are also many different types of mouthwash you could pick. For example, you might pick a mouthwash that contains alcohol, which can kill bad bacteria in your mouth. However, this isn’t a good option for individuals who suffer from sensitive teeth. You could also choose a mouthwash that has fluoride, which will help you keep your teeth healthy and strong. Please remember this option isn’t good for little kids because fluoride can be harmful if swallowed. Lastly, you may want to consider antibacterial mouthwash if you want to kill germs and bacteria in your smile.

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