When to Encourage Your Child to Protect Their Smile with a Mouthguard

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Do you ever wonder if your child needs to wear a mouthguard? If so, the answer is most likely yes. If your child does anything that can harm the teeth, gums, and jaw, it’s best to have them protect their smile with a mouthguard. Our dentist, Dr. Tyjuan Williams, would be happy to explain some of the situations when a mouthguard is the most necessary.

The first situation is when your child plays high-contact sports. This includes rugby, karate, wrestling, football, basketball, soccer and even activities like motocross, snowboarding, and cycling. During these sports and activities, your child could suffer a blow to the face, which could result in knocked-out, chipped, and broken teeth if they do not wear a mouthguard. So, please have your child wear a mouthguard if they participate in any of these sports or activities. The second situation is when your child grinds their teeth when they sleep, if they tend to do so. This isn’t a common habit for everyone. Wearing a mouthguard can help your child prevent worn-down and broken tooth enamel. If a mouthguard is necessary, your dentist will prescribe it.

If your child gives you any push back when you recommend wearing a mouthguard, there are a couple things you can do. You can tell them about the dental injuries that can occur if they don’t protect their smile (the injuries mentioned before), and you can show them a picture of their favorite professional athlete wearing a mouthguard. Tell them that a mouthguard is necessary for a strong and healthy smile. These things might give them a little push in the right direction.

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