Your Partial Denture Will Benefit From Good Oral Hygiene Habits

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Many patients who have lost multiple teeth to untreated cavities, oral trauma or chronic gum disease will choose a partial denture to restore their basic oral function. Filling the void can also improve the appearance of the individual’s smile and the basic clarity of their speech.

If you have recently had a partial denture produced for you at Tyjuan Williams DMD, our dentist notes that some basic and consistent oral hygiene habits will help maintain the unit as well as the health of the surrounding teeth.

The pink base of the partial denture will closely match the available oral structure and contours of your gums to provide a firm yet comfortable fit. At the same time many patients with a partial denture also like to apply a small amount of denture adhesive when installing it in their mouth. It can help lock the oral appliance in place while also blocking out food particles.
The partial denture needs to be cleaned every night. Any residual denture adhesive should be thoroughly washed away before brushing all contours soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste to clean all the surfaces of the denture. You can then soak it overnight in denture solution and store it somewhere safe.

If you are in the Augusta, Georgia, region and you have a question about how to maintain your partial denture, you can always call 706-868-4200 to speak with Dr. Tyjuan Williams or a member of his staff.